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Suspended License

There was a time when I saw a cop I just knew I was going to get in trouble for something. That’s because the life I was breaking every law out there. Y’all I found the very last ticket that I got in my addiction and man it made me realize how God has had his protecting hands on me even when I didn’t want any part of him. There’s only one way I didn’t go to jail as many times as I should’ve… BY THE GRACE OF GOD! Lil Babies, you don’t have to live a life fearful of the cops anymore. Lil Babies, I promise you I have not had one run in with them since I decided to get sober and it’s such an amazing feeling. It feels so great to do the right things. The good news is, YOU can have this life too! You just have to BELEIVE you can! So go grab your mirror or put your phone on the selfie mode and repeat after me.. “I was born for GREAT things! I can do this!! I believe in myself!” YES YOU WERE BORN FOR GREAT THINGS LIL BABIES!!! I know if I can do this….SO CAN YOU!!! Please reach out if you need some help along the way. You are not alone! 📷 xo



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