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Sunday At the Wally World

Why does it ALWAYS happen on the days you do not feel like making that trip to the Wally World that those are the very days you have to. I mean like you are going to run out of soap to bathe yourself if you don’t muster up the energy to go to that place. TODAY!!! There is no significant other to bat my eyes at and say “Hey my handsome sugar dumplin’ would you purdy please with cherries on top go to the Wally World for me?” You better believe I’m going to say it just like that when that day comes. And asking the kiddo to go is out because she ain’t old enough to drive by herself. So if I want us to smell decent I better suck it up buttercup and go. Can someone please explain to me how the toilet paper, the paper towels, the body wash, the face wash, and the milk all run out at the exact same, time EVERY SINGLE TIME??? They aren’t even close to being the same consistency much less the same size. WHY DOES THIS HAPPEN? Do they rig it up so that you have to buy more? Whew I feel lighter. I been hold that question in for a long time. I just don’t get it!!!

My first mistake was not writing a list. I know better than to go in that place without a list. I’m not one of those chicks that walks out with more, I walk out with less than I intended because I flippin’ forget at least two things I need. EVERY SINGLE TIME! I think this is a combination of all those brain cells I lost in my addiction and the fact I have single mom syndrome. I’m not even sure if that’s a thing. But today, it’s a thing. The second mistake was going to the Wally World on the 1st of the month. Half the time I don’t even know what day it is, much less the date. As soon as I pulled in the parking lot after I had to muster so much energy to even get that far, I immediately wanted to cry. Not a sad cry. A “Why do I have to be the one to do this crap?” cry. Because I knew exactly what day it was at that moment. That place was jam packed with folks. I figured since I’m already in the parking lot, I may as well just run in and grab the couple things I need. I almost got ran over twice by b📷uggies before I could make it in the store good. “C’mon Amanda you can do this. Just this aisle, this aisle, and this aisle, and you’re done!” Yes pep talin’ myself through this!

I did it! Whew got those three items. I didn’t get ran over. I made it to the check out line. Oh man they were all super duper long. My head hurts, my stomach is growling, and I just want to get out of this place. I’m next!!! YYYEESSS!!! And that’s when it hit me…. I FLIPPIN’ FORGOT the toilet paper and the paper towels. AND THEY ARE ON THE SAME FLIPPIN’ aisle. There was a battle in my head… “Just go grab it real quick.” “Are you freakin’ crazy? And have to wait in line again?” I walked out of there feeling a bit defeated and a bit successful. I didn’t go back to get what I needed, so that means I will have to make another trip ASAP! Oh man if I had just made that list I wouldn’t be making a second trip so soon.

The lesson I learned? I already know what works and what doesn’t, so no matter how I feel, I need to take the time for those extra few steps, so I don’t cause extra work for myself. QUIT BEING LAZY!!! Ain’t nobody got time for that junk. On a brighter note, I FINALLY remembered to take my trash to the road after forgetting to for 2 weeks. Hey you win some and you lose some! None of us will ever get things 100% right. But at least strive to be better at that one thing you messed up the last time, so that you can move on to other things to mess up and get right. Ain’t life fun?


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