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Red Solo Cups, I fill You Up to Pay $9,900.35 Debt

Lil Babies I have some serious momentum since I just paid off my first debt. MAAAAAAANNNNNNNN oh man that felt some kind of good. Ok so I have until February 2018 to pay off all my felony fines. Once I get this paid off I will no longer have this monkey on my back. I will be completely free from my past!!!! I can NOT wait. I’m going to take y’all on my journey because I want y’all to know you can do this too. Repeat after me “I CAN DO THIS!” “I WILL BE FINANCIALLY FREE!” I’m definitely no expert at this just yet, but I do know from experience the moment you change your mind about how you view money, is the moment to become free of the slavery money can often bring to us. The goal is to control the money and not let the money control you. Get your red solo cups out and let’s GET ‘ER DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don’t forget…. GO MAKE SOME STRANGERS SMILE!! xoxo


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