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No Penn State This Semester

As John Michael Montgomery sings “Been knocked down by the slammin’ door, picked myself up and came back for more!” Y’all life is crazy hard sometimes. Things happen that don’t make a lick of sense. I just knew that Penn State was my path for now, but God had other plans. It’s times like these we have to hold on tight to our “WHY” because so many people allow their circumstances to lead them back down a dark road. Please Lil Babies understand that you are ENOUGH! Please understand that life will always be testing you just to see how bad you truly want to live a great life. Not once in these past few days did the thought of drinking or drugging pop into my mind. I know that is definitely not the right answer, but there are so many that think that is the only way. IT’S NOT! Practice gratitude for what you do have. Try to keep an open mind when those curve balls come. There is something more important that you are supposed to be doing when doors shut. You just have to keep going to find out what it is. Reach out if you need me! I’m here! Always and forever! YOU GOT THIS!!! YOU ARE ENOUGH!! xo



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