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It Wasn’t The Peanuts

In my addiction I experienced some severe allergic reactions. The last two were classified as Anaphylaxis Shock and landed me in the ER. Man I seriously thought on that last one I was going to die. It was super duper scary. The only common denominator I could come up with was honey roasted peanuts, which I’d eaten my whole life. It wasn’t until a few weeks ago when I ate some peanuts by mistake and nothing happen did I realize that it wasn’t even the peanuts to begin with. It had to of been the drugs I was putting into my body. God was doing his best to wake me up and realize there was some things I needed to change in my life and real quick. I kept ignoring all the signs though. Lil Babies, is there something that keeps happening in your life over and over and each time it occurs it’s a little bit worse than the time before? Don’t be like me and ignore the warning signs. Pay attention to what’s happening. God is trying to speak to you and tell you that need to change a few things in order to live the happiest life that you deserve. I promise you this life is way mo betta on this side of the bridge. Grab my hand and walk across! I promise you will be glad you did! 📷

Don’t forgot to make a stranger smile today! xoxo


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