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I Didn’t Want My Parents Raising My Child

I think people automatically assume people that struggle with addiction wake up and decide to make bad choices. We don’t dream of letting other people raise our kids. We don’t dream of having to deal with drugs or alcohol everyday. We don’t dream of a life where we are judged everywhere we go. Yea we’ve made some serious mistakes, but you know what? We deserve happiness just like everyone else.

Listen, I know everyone points the finger at you and I know just how bad that feels. I don’t care what all you’ve done or who all you’ve hurt, I need you to forgive yourself today. Once you ask forgiveness from God, there’s no need in holding on to all that baggage. It’s weighing you down boo. Go look yourself in the mirror right now and say “I forgive you!” The moment you learn to forgive yourself is the moment your life will change. You will feel free! Like a 50lb weight has been lifted off you! Keep working on the being the best YOU possible and I promise you will get your kids back!! I promise people will start to get respect you again! I’m living proof all of this can happen! Please don’t ever give up!! Together we can do this! If you need help along the way PLEEEAASSEEEE email



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