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Call The Cops

There are some of us out there that blamed our problems on everyone else, but really it was no one’s fault but our own. Today I want you to free yourself of all that baggage you’re carrying around and tell a cop or a judge “Thank you!” I already know it seems a little weird, but I promise you it’s the most amazing experience. Something magical happens when #1 You take responsibility for your own actions and #2 You change your mindset about situations. When you humble yourself it not only shows how much character you have, it also shows that cop or judge or District Attorney that you’re serious about changing your life, which then can give hope to others. It’s a domino effect folk. I challenge you to reach out to that cop or judge that you’ve been mad at for catching you. I promise you will feel so much better. If you need me to help, you know I’m here every step of the way.

I hope you have the most amazing day ever! Don’t forget… GO MAKE SOME STRANGERS SMILE!!! xo


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