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Hey y’all!! My name is Amanda and I am no longer playing the role of a victim. For 17 years, I worshiped a drug/alcohol addiction and blamed all my problems on everyone else. I’ve done the rehab thing! I’ve been arrested 4 times, including a felony charge! So many people called me worthless! No one believed in me. Even my own daughter didn’t want to live with me. One day I woke up and decided I had to make a change and get my life back! I packed up my car with $200 in my pocket, no place to live, no job lined up, but a burning desire to get better. I had no idea the challenges I would face on my journey to sobriety. I think when you decide to be a good person, life will test you and test you some more to see how serious you are. I experienced a car repossession and homelessness during my first year of sobriety. But during those trials, I learned some amazing life lessons and just how strong I really am under pressure. I live a joyful, vibrant life now and I want to show you all the baby steps I took to get me where I’m at today. My hopes and prayers are, by being super transparent with my life, someone will be able to relate and know that they too have what it takes to make the courageous change! I know one thing, Lil Babies, if I can do this…. SO CAN YOU!

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful” -Eric Thomas

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In this book, Amanda takes you on her journey and shows you step by step how she was able to kick a 17-year drug/alcohol addiction and bounce back when no one believed in her. She now lives a happy, vibrant life and wants the same for you.