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Towel Stretchin’ – Redneck Workout Tip

Lil Babies, sometimes your body just needs a good ole stretchin’. You’ve seen those workout bands at the Wally World haven’t you? Well guess what? You ain’t got to buy one because you have everything you need at home. Grab you a towel out of your kitchen that has a critter on it. Mine’s got some ducks. Ain’t it cute? Next get your Redneck Certified Safety shorts on. You can pick up your own pair at the Wally World. Take a peek at this video and I’ll show you how you can use your critter towel and stretch out them muscles you been buildin’!! I’m so proud of you I could come through the phone and hug you big. But since I can’t, you give yourself a big ole hug because YOU ARE AMAZING!! xoxo Don’t forget…. GO MAKE SOME STRANGERS SMILE!!!!!!!!!!!


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