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Shroom Walk – Redneck Workout Tip

Go dig around in your cabinet for 2 cans of Cream O Shroom. Now take your 2 cans and your bootay outside and we gona get out shroom walk on. This is so easy anyone can do this. For 8 minutes I want you to walk around your block, out in the woods, down the dirt road, where ever you can. While your walking I want you to pump them cans of shrooms. It’s another 2fer y’all 📷 📷 Working them arms and legs! Don’t limit yourself to 8 minutes if you feel like you can go further! Start small and build up 📷 Now when you’re done, get your bootay in that kitchen and make some supper with ya cans of cream o shroom. 📷Have the most amazing day ever, because YOU deserve it!!

Don’t forget …. GO MAKE SOME STRANGERS SMILE!! xoxo


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