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Redneck Turkey Pinwheels

At first changing your eating habits is so painful, but I promise if you just keep at it every single day, taking small baby steps, eventually your body will crave goodness. When you feed your body with goodness you can think clearer. It’s crazy how those two go hand in hand but it’s so true. Remember Lil Babies, you only have ONE body your WHOLE life!! You have to take good care of it so it will last a long time. Think of it like a fancy car… Most of us that had a fancy car in our driveways would be oh so careful not to scratch the paint or get a bump on it. Why do we place so much value on metal but we don’t place value on ourselves? You are worth much more than you can ever wrap your head around. You have a destination your car (your body) needs to arrive at and you can’t afford it to break down all the time. So here’s an easy peasy wrap to put in your belly.

Ingredients Needed: 2 Green Tortillas 4 Sliced Cheese of your choice 4 Slices of Turkey A couple drizzles of Honey Mustard or Ranch 2 Small handfuls of Romaine Lettuce

You can make as many or as few as you’d like. Grab two tortillas to start with. Drizzle a little honey mustard or ranch on the tortillas. Next put 2 slices of cheese on each. On top of the cheese add 2 slices of turkey on each tortilla. Top it off with a small handful of romaine lettuce on each. Roll each tortilla up tight and cut 1.5″ slices. You just made your very own Redneck Turkey Pinwheels. Put them in a container and snack on them or eat them for lunch!

You got this Lil Babies!!!! One baby step at a time! You already know, I’m here the whole way!! 📷


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