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Meth Spot Declaration

There are sometimes in life when you are forced to do things you don’t want to do. Well I had one of those experiences just this past weekend. Hurricane Irma forced me to come back to Mississippi uuuggggghhhhh. This has never been my most favorite place especially since most of addiction was spent here. In some circumstances it’s not always good that everyone knows your name. I had that place marked in a bad way. But since I’ve been growing, each time I come gets a little better. I come back with a little more integrity each time. There’s some spots in this town that give me anxiety or an uneasy feeling every time I drive by them because of the events that happened in these particular spots. BUT TODAY, I DECLARED MY FREEDOM from this spot I used to buy meth from. Once you grow, make your declaration to that thing or spot or person that you have changed and you WILL NOT tolerate it making you feel bad anymore. It sounds crazy, but man oh man it’s a liberating experience. Don’t expect to change everything all at once, Lil Babies. That’s impossible! But you will get there as long as you make some progress every single day! You got this LIL BABIES!!!



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