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I Feel Like I Should Be A Little Further Along

It’s super easy to get discouraged when you don’t feel like you’re as far as you should be in life. Trust me do I get it. I feel like sometimes I’m having to play catch-up from all the years I acted like a heathen. What if I’d straightened my life up a long time ago, where would I be now? The truth is I had to go thru all those things, just like you have to go thru all the things you go thru, because that’s what makes our story. When you feel that discouragement creep in start reflecting on just how far you’ve actually come. I think this is a crucial part of the journey we like to skip over. I’m not even sure why because when you stop and reflect it brings such a peace over your life and makes your heart smile big. Stop what you’re doing right now, and think about the past couple of years and all the main events you’ve experienced, and all the hard work you’ve put in, and all the accomplishments you’ve achieved. ahhhhhhhh that’s more like it. Now turn that frown upside down and GO MAKE SOME STRANGERS SMILE FOR MEEEEEE!!!! xoxo


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