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Happy Dog After Meth

Y’all I can not get this off my mind, so I’m just going to get it out the best I can. The other day I was walking my dog, Kyah. The sky was super blue, the sun was shining, and the wind was blowing a gentle breeze. That dog LOVES her some outside. She smiles so big on our walks, but this one in particular was different. She kept stopping and📷 looking at the trees as the wind blew through them and smiled. Like she was so grateful to have a happy life now.  In that moment I had a flashback type thingy happen of how life used to be.

So back up to 2015 to the very last few months of my addiction, when me and meth were still kicking it. That stuff I swear brings such negative spirits with it. I can’t tell you exactly how much of the things I saw actually happened or how much it was hallucination, but what I can tell you is that my dog sensed some of those evil spirits as well. She is the only reason I knew for 100% sure I wasn’t completely crazy when I would tell folks what was going on. She was my only witness and she couldn’t vouch for me. Maybe that’s why I love that dog with my life. She believed me when no one else did.

One night we were sitting outside, just me and her, and there was some rustling right next to us in the little tree, bush thingy. I could clearly see that there was nothing there, but I felt a presence that was bone chilling. Kyah immediately put her body against my legs as if she was protecting me and started growling like I’ve never heard her do before. It was a “You DO NOT want any of this” kind of growl.  On several different occasions me and her would be inside hanging out and all of a sudden it was if someone sprayed bug spray through the air vents in the ceiling. I could smell it and it made my eyes burn. I got real still and I could hear the sound of an aerosol can. Kyah would glare up at the vents, start sneezing, and then start that protection growling again. I would honestly go up in the attic and check to see if anyone was up there. There was never anyone up there so of course I always seemed crazy.

There’s so much I heard and saw while I was on Meth. This world really is good vs evil.  I’m  still trying to process it all honestly.  Man I wish my dog could talk. haha. I believe that meth is the most demonic drug and I’m pretty sure I had a glimpse of what hell is like.  I don’t know how much stress it puts on a dog to be in protection mode all the time, but I feel like it has to be a lot.  So when I saw my dog stare up at the trees the other day on our walk and smile, it made my heart smile. My little family has been through so much, but we have come so very far. She is at peace now too! And for that I am grateful!


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