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Buggy Laps – Redneck Workout Tip

I promise you, once you start buggy lappin’ you won’t be able to stop. This simple exercise is so much fun and the best part is… IT’S FREE!!!! Aight, so I need you to start parking at the very end of the aisle. Come on JUST DO IT!! you will be able to add some extra steps for your day and also now you will be able to lap your car. TWICE. You may even feel froggy one day and do more than two! You can walk the buggy, run it, skip it, it don’t much matter just lap that sucker. This is guaranteed to get that heart rate up and put a smile on your face. Please don’t leave the buggy waaaayyy out there tho, do me a favor and put it back in the buggy holder or inside the store. 📷 Thank you soooo much! Hey.. Don’t forget.. GO MAKE SOME STRANGERS SMILE!! xoxo


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