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Banana Puddin’ Frozen Yogurt

Lil Babies!!! Y’all have been working so hard lately with your Redneck Workouts, it’s time to treat yourself! Some folks call it a cheat meal, but I like to stay positive and say it’s a treat meal. You have to splurge every now and then to keep yourself motivated to keep going. This simple recipe for your very own homemade banana puddin’ frozen yogurt will make you want to slap ya mama and make you want to happy dance while doing it.


2-3 scoops of lowfat vanilla frozen yogurt 1 banana handful of nilla wafers

Put the scoops of frozen yogurt in a dixie cup or a bowl. Slice up the banana into the cup. Stir it up good. Crumble up a handful of nilla wafers in that bad boy and mix those in good. BAM!!! You just made your very own homemade banana puddin’ frozen yogurt. Get that stuff in your belly and be proud of all your hard work!! Can’t wait to see you next week with another Redneck Workout! Until then, Lil Babies, Keep up the great work!! xo


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